Seven Dreams Awards SMS with a Grant

Seven Dreams Awards Sandburg Middle School with a $2,873.00 7th Grade Hands on Science Exploration Labs Grant
Posted on 05/11/2018
Seven Dreams Grant - Principal Amy O'Hern & Billie Pace-GraczykThe Seven Dreams “7th Grade Hands on Science Exploration Labs”, $2,873.00 grant has provided Sandburg with new and exciting hands-on science models, activities and equipment which allow students to engage multiple senses and develop a deeper, more rigorous understanding of content.

While Life Science information can be remembered when taught through books and lectures, students who engage in the study of the same concepts through hands-on learning, build a deeper functional understanding of the content while developing the ability to become independent learners.  Students learn best when their senses are engaged.

One example, Genetics of Blood Type Kit, provides a hands-on experience which empower students to learn about the genetics (genotype) that determines blood type, the possible inheritance patterns and how they express these traits (phenotype).  We connect this learning to previous learning that cells contain genes and each gene carries a single unit of information that determines inherited traits of an organism.  Students are then provided with an exciting personal experience as they determine their own blood type (without drawing blood) through Blood Typing Kit (Saliva).  When students know their blood type we can connect student blood type to that of their parents, allowing students to recognize in sexually reproducing organisms, about half of genes come from each parent.  We can also contrast our learning with asexually reproducing organisms that are direct copies of their parents and have little to no genetic diversity.
Thank you Seven Dreams!