Sandburg Middle School provides many opportunities for students to participate in athletics, activities, clubs, fine arts, and community service. We believe that student participation in extracurricular activities plays a vital role in their success at Sandburg Middle School. We invite you to encourage your child to participate in as many athletics and activities as time allows. At SMS students are given the opportunity to meet new friends, have fun, develop skills, learn the values of teamwork, leadership, work ethic, commitment, responsibility, and sportsmanship. 

Athletes do need to have the players contract signed by parents in order to participate and get a uniform, for uniformed sports

Interscholastic Athletics
Interscholastic Athletics are offered to grade 6, 7 and 8 students.  SMS participates in the Classic Lake Conference with other middle schools in the metro area.  The activity fee to participate in interscholastic athletics is $46 per activity.

 Quarter 1  Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
Co-ed Soccer 7-8
Girls Volleyball 7-8
Girls Tennis 7-8

Wrestling 7-8
Girls Basketball 7-8

Boys Basketball 7-8
STEP 6-8

Boys Track 7-8
Girls Track 7-8
Boys Tennis 7-8

Intramural Activities
Intramural (IM) activities are offered to grade 6 students only, which meet twice a week for 8 weeks. All activities and games will be played in-house, on the school campus, against our own student body.  Offerings will be determined by student interest, starting in the fall.  The activity fee to participate in intramural athletics is $20 per activity. 

Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4
IM Girls Swim 6-8
IM Girls Tennis 6
IM Co-ed Soccer 6
IM Wrestling 6

Co-ed basketball 6

Co-ed Track 6
Boys Tennis 6

Armstrong High School Cooperative Athletic Program
All students wanting to participate in following sports can register, before each season's deadline, at the Armstrong Activities Office.

* Cross Country - boys 7/8
* Cross Country - girls 7/8
* Swimming - girls 7/8
* Adapted Soccer - 7/8

* Swimming - boys 7/8
* Nordic Skiing - boys 7/8
* Nordic Skiing - girls 7/8
* Alpine Skiing - boys 7/8
* Alpine Skiing - girls 7/8
* Adapted Floor Hockey - 7/8

Adapted Softball - 7/8

Athletic & Activities Director: 
Katrina Johnson  
Sandburg Middle School