Robbinsdale Area Schools
Middle School


At Sandburg, we are a family. We believe strong, caring relationships are the foundation on which we build learning. Our staff is committed to ensuring the best education for every student in a safe and positive environment.  We strive to provide rigorous learning and unique opportunities for students to learn about themselves, others, and the world.  Partner with us, we are in this together.

The mission of Robbinsdale Area Schools and Sandburg Middle School is to inspire and educate all learners to develop their unique potential and positively contribute to their community. 

Robbindale’s Unified District Vision Consists of Four Key Goals.

  1. Implement policies and practices that open pathways to academic excellence for all students.
  2. Utilize culturally responsive teaching and personalized learning for all students.
  3. Engage family and community members as partners.
  4. Engage and Empower students by amplifying student voice.

Mr. Hancock has worked in Robbinsdale Area Schools since 2004, all at the middle school level. His first position in the district was as seventh grade life science teacher. He has also served as a data coach, activities director, administrative intern, and most recently as assistant principal at Robbinsdale Middle School. 

Sandburg principal Jay Hancock

Principal Jay Michael Hancock