Robbinsdale Area Schools

Masks: Keeping Our Sandburg Community Safe

Face coverings are required for all pre-K-12 students over the age of two, staff and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, while on the school bus, or while indoors at all schools and District facilities, including the Crystal Learning Center. 

Masks must be worn tightly over your mouth, nose and chin. You should wear a clean mask at least every 3 days.

There are only two times when it is ok to remove a mask.

  1. When a person is alone in a room.
  2. When a person is eating or drinking, at breakfast or lunch in their seat.

Support Process for Masking

  1. When our staff, students and visitors need a mask, we have extra cloth and paper masks. Speak to a teacher or the office to get a mask.
  2. Is your mask uncomfortable or not fitting well? Check with a teacher or the office for a different mask and/or ear protectors.
  3. All staff and students are asked to use either a non-verbal cue, a visual tool or a verbal “Mask Please” as a cue to remind staff, students and visitors to wear or fix their masks.
  4. When a student, staff member or visitor refuses to wear a mask after reminders and problem solving support, Sandburg support staff and/or the Sandburg administration will be contacted and will provide support.