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End of the School Year Medication Reminders

End of the School Year Medication Reminders

End of the School Year Medication Reminders:

  • Per Robbinsdale Area Schools Medication Policy, we do not send medication home with students during the school year, including the last day of school.  On the last day of school June 5th, 2024, students are allowed to self-carry prescription asthma inhalers and non-syringe injectors of epinephrine (Epi-pen) home from school.  
    Parents/guardians are responsible for picking up all other student medication directly from the health office.  Medication not picked up by the last day of school will be discarded as Pharmaceutical Waste per district policy.  

  • If your student is attending summer school or Adventure Club, you are responsible for coordinating with that program and providing the medication for the summer.   The current school year medication authorization from your licensed healthcare provider will be valid for summer programs.   

  • New medication authorization forms are required for each new school year.

  • If your child has asthma or a severe allergy, a current Action Plan is preferred as an order.  You are not required to use our forms for the medication order.  Many clinics use their own forms.  We need your signature and consent to dispense medications each new school year. Make your appointments early as doctor’s offices get very busy over the summer.   

  • You can access health forms and medication authorization forms at: