New Traditions Start at Sandburg

New Traditions Start at Sandburg
Posted on 06/08/2018
rocks for rock gardenThis year was first of many things for Sandburg Middle School with a re-opening! Sandburg took that as an opportunity to create new traditions right from the start.

All students participated in the National Middle School Kindness Challenge in March. This led to the building creating a Kindness Rock Garden, which will eventually be placed in the courtyard. 

A 6th grade teacher (Ms. Hoffman) brought rocks in, that she and her family collected, these rocks were then sent to PAES at Crystal Learning Center under the supervision of Christine Dohrman. Students in PAES washed the rocks and prepared them with a fresh coat of white paint, so SMS students could "leave their mark at SMS."

Our Kindness Challenge Captains went to social studies classrooms in 6th, 7th and 8th grades to explain the process and the Kindness Rock Garden, and assisted the students in creating their personalized rocks. In the future all 6th grade students will create and decorate a rock.

Our ceiling tiles were decorated and signed by our graduating 8th grade group. These tiles were placed in the entryway ceiling. All 8th grade groups will decorate and sign the tiles prior to 8th grade graduation.

It has been a fun and exciting year at Sandburg and we are looking forward to continue these new traditions!