Relay for Life

Relay for Life
Posted on 03/15/2018
relay for lifeThis year, Robbinsdale Area Schools is hosting its annual 12-hour Relay For Life event on May 19th and 20th. Relay for Life, an event sponsored by the American Cancer Society, is an overnight walk-a-thon designed to raise money for cancer research. The event will take place at Robbinsdale Cooper High School from 6pm to 6am. This year we are hoping to see more involvement throughout the community - this includes you and your student!

During the week of March 19th-23rd, all of the middle schools in the school district will be attempting to raise as much money as they can for the Robbinsdale Area Schools Relay for Life event. Throughout the week, each student will be encouraged to gather up their spare change, one dollar bills or anything they are willing to donate and bring it to their school. In each homeroom, there will be a donation bucket for your student to place their donations. At the end of the week, Armstrong and Cooper Relay for Life Committee members will come and count up each homerooms total. All proceeds will go towards the school districts fundraising goal, helping Robbinsdale Area Schools keep its position as one of the top earning schools in the state as well as help the thousands that are affected by cancer.

The entire middle school will have the ability to participate in this event and the top earning homeroom will earn a rootbeer float party hosted by the Cooper and Armstrong Relay for Life committee. We hope to see everyone participating in this fundraiser as well as create greater awareness about the disease and the Relay for Life event in May.

Although only high schoolers are recommended to stay overnight on May 19th, we do welcome everyone during community hours for tons of fun activities and cancer awareness. Community hours will be from 6pm to 11pm at Cooper High School.

For more information about Relay for Life visit:

Or feel free to contact your local committee chairs:

Ellie Karol

Maddy Sobiech

Saideh Stoltz

Summer Christenson